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Why Might You Need Animal Behavior Training?

It can be a lot of fun owning a cat, dog, or bird. They can provide a lot of love and companionship, but there might be some issues with their behavior in certain scenarios. That's where animal behavior training comes in. What are some of the scenarios where you might have to do that? Here are a few to consider.

They Have Separation Anxiety

Dogs often have this issue, while cats and birds are generally okay if you’re gone for a period of time; though, you may see their faces at the window looking for you if it’s near meal time. Some dogs have no concept of time. which is why they greet you so intensely whether you are away for two minutes when you’re getting something from a delivery person or if you’re gone all day. A small population of animals experience separation anxiety, which can result in destructive behavior, excessive vocalization, inappropriate peeing/pooping, and a frantic, panicked dog/cat/bird. Taking your furry or feathered friend to animal behavior training can help with separation anxiety issues!

They Don't Get Along With Other Animals

Have you seen dogs first meet each other, start sniffing, wag their tails, and then, out of nowhere, one of them starts snarling? Your canine might not know how to socialize. This can be problematic if you have more than one animal living in the same household and want to bring your dog to a public place. According to Pet365, people are twice as likely to have attended socialization classes if they have three or more dogs. Even if you have only one dog, enrolling in such classes is a great way to get some peace of mind when you have multiple dogs around each other.

They Guard Resources

Usually, if you have several pets, they share food and water bowls. They will take turns eating and may dip in and out of bites of food or laps of water. However, some pets have a survival mentality, and all the food and/or water is theirs. They may snap and growl at other animals or people who get near what they think is solely theirs. An expert trainer can help resolve such an issue.

By investing in professional animal behavior training early on, you can address a lot of problems and create a happier household for you and your pet. If you're looking for a place to bring your cat, dog, or bird for training, we can help! Contact our team at Homeward Bound Animal Behavior today to learn more.

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