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In-Person Behavior Modification Training

This option consists of Emily or Jolene personally coaching you through the behavior modification process. All members of the family need to be present for sessions. This option is a good fit for owners who have previous training experience and have the time to commit to practice in between sessions. Sessions take place once or twice a week depending on the behavior concern(s).


* We do not offer training packages that consist of entirely in-person sessions. We offer up what type of package we think best suits each situation after the consultation is conducted. Clients may be offered an entirely virtual training package, or a blended package (a combination of virtual sessions and in-person sessions) based on the needs of all involved, as well as what will be most efficient. With blended packages, virtual sessions are used to teach foundational behaviors and in-person sessions are used to proof those behaviors in the presence of distractions/triggers.*


The cost of in-person training sessions are $175 per hour, and the cost of virtual training is $125 per hour. A 10% discount is applied for multiple sessions that are paid in full prior to the first session. This option includes a written report after every session.


The first step to getting started would be to schedule an initial consultation. During this consultation, there are three goals that we will accomplish:​

  • Gather a thorough history

  • Put together a customized management plan

  • Determine what our behavior modification (training) plan will be

Management and dog training go hand-in-hand. We can't be successful in modifying the vast majority of problem behaviors without a modicum of management present. The reason for this is that management prevents the dog from practicing problem behaviors as much as humanly possible. If we conduct a training session, make progress, then allow the dog to practice the problem behaviors multiple times between training sessions, then we're taking two steps forward, three steps back. We're essentially spinning our wheels. Once we have a solid management plan in place, we can then discuss behavior modification.

When we discuss the behavior modification plan during the initial consultation, we will set clear, concise training goals, prioritize those goals, then determine how much time we need to get clients well on their way to meeting those goals. 

Initial consultations are conducted virtually via Zoom. Clients will receive a recording of the consultation, a detailed written report, and customized plans for you to choose from. The cost of the initial consultation is $150. At the time of booking, a $75 non-refundable deposit will be due. The remaining $75 of the initial consultation amount will be due the day of the session itself. 

All in-home services are offered within a 40-mile radius of Wyocena, WI or Des Moines, IA. If a client is outside of the service area, there is a $0.625 charge per additional mile traveled to and from the client's address.

A payment plan is available for cat, bird, or dog training!

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Puppy Day Training

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