Avian Behavior

Homeward Bound Animal Behavior & Training offers behavior and training services for bird owners. 

We can help address concerns like screaming, feather plucking, aggression, fearfulness, stress free veterinary care, behavior concerns related to hormones, and basic training (stepping up, every day handling, etc.). 


Interested in working with us? Contact us to schedule an initial consultation, which typically lasts about 90 minutes. During the initial session, we will gather a thorough history and put together a management plan along with a behavior modification plan. Initial sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom and cost $40. 


After the initial session, a written report will be provided detailing the history gathered, the management plan, and a personalized behavior modification plan (how many sessions, training goals, etc). A recording of the session will be provided in addition to the written report.


Each remote follow-up session is $40 per hour. In-home follow up sessions are $75 per hour. A $0.35 per mile mileage charge will be applied for cases outside of a 40 mile radius of Wyocena.

Feline Behavior


Separation Anxiety