Feline Behavior

Homeward Bound Animal Behavior and Training

Rulers of the internet and your household…cats!
Gracious overlords…cats!
Stars of all your favorite memes...cats!

Did you know that cats are the most popular furry family member in America? Around 86 million homes in our country are “owned” by a feline. Their behavior is complex and commonly misunderstood. While dogs were purposely bred to suit our needs, cats were basically rewarded for simply sticking around and providing rodent control. Because of this, they have retained many more “wild” characteristics.

Cat Behavior Problems

If you have a cat with behavioral issues, please reach out to schedule a remote consultation. During these sessions, we will collect behavior history and answer any questions owners may have. We will then begin troubleshooting and a behavior modification and management plan will be created.


All feline behavior services include lifetime support for the behavior concern that is addressed during the consultation!

Virtual Feline Behavior Consultations

We will conduct a 1 ½ to 2-hour consultation via Zoom to address your feline’s behavior problem. This service is appropriate for felines of any age. Written instructions will be available after the consultation has concluded along with a recording of the session itself. The cost of this service is $100. 

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Avian Behavior

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Virtual Consultations