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Is Cat Behavior Training Necessary?

Updated: May 2

When most people think of training a pet, they think of dog training classes. According to pet365, 46.9% of people stated they had attended a dog training class. However, behavior training is also available for cats. Cat behavior training is an excellent tool pet owners can utilize. This article will help you decide if behavior training suits your feline friend.

Stop Aggression

Experts specializing in cat training are well-trained in the ethology of cats. They can often help pinpoint the sources of aggression to determine why a cat is aggressive. Then, they can help pet owners learn to deter aggression in their cats. This often ensures cat owners can keep their pets instead of having to rehome them.

Set Boundaries

Cats are wired to be independent. Most pet owners are left throwing their hands in the air when cats scratch furniture or potty outside of the litter box. However, cat training can help pet owners learn how to set boundaries to eliminate unwanted behavior. Once owners know how to do this, the joy of having a cat in their home will return.

Strong Bond

It can be challenging to bond with cats who express unwanted behavior. However, cat behavior training can help a pet owner and cat establish respect for one another. As cats display more positive behaviors, the tension slowly leaves the house. This often results in owners having a stronger bond with their cats.

Increase Safety

Aggressive cats provide a level of liability that is very stressful, especially if there are small children in the home. Cat bites and scratches often become infected, which exacerbates the problems. However, many behavior specialists can help minimize and eliminate these behaviors to ensure the entire family is safe. This can help pet owners enjoy having guests over again, and they won’t be tempted to lock the cat away.

Prevent Rehoming

Most cat owners turn to behavior training before rehoming their cat. Problems like inter-cat conflict, inappropriate urination/defecation, or biting can be very overwhelming. There may be so many problems that the pet owner doesn’t know what else to do. Working with a specialist to properly train a cat is the best way to see if you can avoid rehoming your cat.

Behavior science applies to all species, and cats have the ability to learn skills to help improve their behavior. Our team can help you do that. Contact Homeward Bound Animal Behavior today for more information.

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