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Behavior Services | Professional Pet Training

A black and white bully breed dog sitting.

Expert Guidance for Your Animal's Behavior: A Judgement-Free Zone for You and Your Companion

Navigating behavior can be frustrating, so we're not just here for your pet - we're here for you, too! We listen, understand, and provide you with a judgement-free zone, like a trusted friend should.

It's like therapy.....for you and your companion!

Help for Behavior Problems

If you have a animal with behavioral issues, please reach out to schedule an initial consultation! During this consultation, there are three goals that we will accomplish:​

  • Gather a thorough history

  • Put together a customized management plan

  • Determine what our behavior modification (training) plan will be

Management and training go hand-in-hand. We can't be successful in modifying the vast majority of problem behaviors without a modicum of management present. The reason for this is that management is what prevents your furry or feathered friend from practicing problem behaviors as much as humanly possible. If we conduct a training session, make progress, then allow them to practice the problem behaviors multiple times between training sessions, then we're taking two steps forward, three steps back. We're essentially spinning our wheels. Once we have a solid management plan in place, we can then discuss behavior modification.

When we discuss the behavior modification plan during the initial consultation, we will set clear, concise training goals, prioritize those goals, then determine how much time we need to get clients well on their way to meeting those goals. 

Initial consultations are conducted remotely via Zoom. Clients will receive a recording of the consultation, a detailed post-meeting write up, and customized plans for you to choose from. The cost of the initial consultation is $150. At the time of booking, a $75 non-refundable deposit will be due. The remaining $75 of the initial consultation amount will be due the day of the session itself.


In-Person Coaching

An orange and white medium hair cat sitting at a window.

Feline Behavior

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