Canine Behavior

Homeward Bound Animal Behavior and Training

Dogs… aren’t they the best?


They are happy to see us when we get home, are willing to accompany us wherever we go, eat our shoes, steal the remote, wait……what? While there are some dogs out there who are diamonds in the rough, most need a bit of polish to truly shine. That’s what we’re here for!

If you have a dog with behavioral issues, please reach out to schedule an initial consultation! During this consultation, we will collect behavior history and answer any questions you may have. This way we can best recommend a behavior modification plan and you can select from which option works best for you and your pup.

You can expect the initial consultation to last roughly 90 minutes. Initial consultations are being scheduled remotely at this time.

Initial consultations are conducted remotely via Zoom. Clients will receive a recording of the consultation, a detailed post-meeting write up, and customized plans for you to choose from. The fee for this service is $100.


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