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Why Is Dog Training Necessary?

Dogs are the most popular pets in American homes. When you bring a pup home, you may wonder if training is necessary. You may even equate training to teaching them tricks. However, professional training is handy for more than getting your dog to sit or roll over on command. Read on to learn how you and your beloved canine will benefit from professional dog training courses.


Like humans, dogs have different personalities, and some dogs may naturally be friendlier than others to people and animals. It may be hard to predict how well your dog will socialize over time, so training is essential to give you peace of mind and help your dog acclimate to their environment. According to Pet365, as many as 46.2% of people rated other people's dogs a 4 or 5 out of 10, but over 51% gave their dog a 7 or 8 when rating their level of training. It's important to keep such scores in mind because you don't want your dog to be untrustworthy in the eyes of others.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement training is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to create long-term behavior change in an individual. Dogs that are trained with positive reinforcement are more confident and less stressed. Training with positive reinforcement doesn’t necessarily mean using food as a reward! Toys, physical affection, and verbal praise are all examples of alternative forms of rewards.


A well-trained pup is essential for everyone's safety. After all, if you have a dog likely to bite and snap at people, this causes a massive liability issue. If you have little kids or other animals around your dog, you'll especially worry about their safety around an unpredictable canine. There are many causes of biting/snapping, so speaking with a trainer to address the root of the problem is the most efficient way to address the behavior concerns.

Structure and Partnership

Your relationship with your dog is not a dictatorship, but rather a partnership. With professional dog training, you can quickly incorporate structure and ensure your dog sees you as a partner to rely on when things get stressful, scary, or too exciting. Having a strong training partnership with your dog will prevent you from having to repeat cues more than once or worry about your dog destroying your home or running off. Training also leads to more bonding with your canine.

Thanks to professional dog training services, you can establish good behavior, boundaries, and positive reinforcement with your pup. Contact our team at Homeward Bound Animal Behavior to set up an appointment today!

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