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Day Training for Dogs

This option consists of Emily or Jolene coming to your home and working with your dog multiple days per week. The final training day of the week will be spent as a "transfer session." This is where everything that your dog has learned for the week will be transferred to you so that things stay consistent. Dog guardians must be present for all transfer sessions!


A progress report will be provided after every session. You do not need to be home for training sessions, and these can be done while you're at work, running errands, etc. This option is great for busy families or professionals! This training program lasts for three weeks.

The first step to any day training package is scheduling the initial consultation. This gives us an opportunity to gather a thorough history, put together a management plan, and set clear training goals along with prioritizing those goals to create a customized experience. The initial consultation lasts 1-2 hours and includes a written report that is sent via email afterwards. Initial consultations are done remotely via Zoom, and a recording of the session itself is provided afterwards. The cost of the initial consultation is $100.  There is a $50 non-refundable deposit due at the time of booking. The remaining $50 of the initial consultation fee will be due the day of the session itself. 

We Hold The Leash Dog Training Programs

Pups on Parade
Day Training Package

A small black French Bulldog sitting in the snow.

Four One-Hour Sessions, plus One Transfer Session (Scheduled Over Three Weeks)

We will train your puppy (4 months of age and under) on what it means to be a polite member of society. This includes teaching basic manners like sit, lay down, crate training, desensitization to the leash, sounds, and other stimuli, loose leash walking, and increasing impulse control. 

*Includes automatic admission into the Adventurer Rank of our Pup Scouts Program*

Cost per week: $500

Know Your Manners 
Day Training Package

A small mixed breed dog sitting.

Three Week Program with 3-4 Sessions Per Week, Depending on Behavior (Plus One Transfer Session)

We will work with your dog (over 4 months of age) on basic manners. This includes teaching sit, lay down, polite greetings, loose leash walking, impulse control, and crate training. Each training session will take place in the owner’s home, though some days may be spent outdoors or at a neutral location depending on the training goals.

Cost per week: $560-$700

Take the Power Bark 
Day Training Package

A medium size brown and white dog sitting for dog training.

Three Week Program with 3-4 Sessions Per Week, Depending on Behavior (Plus One Transfer Session)

We will work with your dog (over 4 months of age) who is generally good in the house but needs help with manners and impulse control outside of the home. This includes working on barking, growling,
lunging, pulling, and barking at stimuli while on a leash. 
Each training session will take place near the owner’s home in the surrounding neighborhood or at a neutral location. 

Cost per week: $560-$700

All day training packages include one to three hours of follow-up sessions to set the client and dog up for success. All in-home services are offered within a 40-mile radius of Wyocena, WI or Des Moines, IA. If a client is outside of the service area, there is a $0.625 charge per additional mile. A payment plan is available!

Why is Puppy Socialization so important?

Puppies go through a critical socialization period from 3 weeks of age to 16 weeks of age. This is the most important time in their lives to experience many different people, animals, places, sounds, scents, etc. It is important for puppies to be exposed to these different stimuli at their comfort level, so they don’t associate these things with something scary. Lack of socialization is one of the most common causes of behavior problems as the puppy ages.


For more information on this, please read the following blog posts written by a board-certified veterinary behaviorist:

Closeup of a happy dog enjoying dog training.

Canine Behavior

Calm dog sleeping on a bed.

Separation Anxiety Training

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