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Specialty Services

Therapy Preparation

Clients with dogs or cats (over two years old) who are interested in participating in therapy work can sign up for our Therapy Preparation course. Sessions include manners training, desensitization to novel stimuli, and basic preparedness for your therapy test. We can offer advice from our personal experiences with owning multiple therapy animals (both dogs and cats) and look forward to seeing your pets progress! To measure progress, your pet will take the therapy test before completing and after completing this training class. This is a five-week course, with one hour meetings per week. The cost of this service is $500.

Payment plans are available!

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Wedding Day Preparation

If you want your furry family member to be included in your big day and to have everything be "picture perfect," this service is for you! We work with your cat or dog so that your big day is stress free. During the initial consult, we will discuss concerns and goals and will design a plan based on what we learn.


Please contact us at least three months prior to the wedding to set your pet up for the most success possible. This course is $200 for the initial consultation, written instructions, and a one-hour walk through on rehearsal day. Each one-hour follow-up training session following the initial consultation and before the rehearsal is $80. We can also attend the wedding to assist for up to three hours for an additional fee of $300. This includes transporting your pet, caring for your pet during the ceremony/pictures, and returning your pet to a safe location. Clients must include a meal if Emily is needed at the reception.

Payment plans are available!


New Baby Preparation

Pet owners who are expanding their families should consider this service to help ease the transition for their furry family member! An initial 90-minute consultation will address concerns and goals. In-home and web sessions are available, depending on the species of animal. In these sessions, we will discuss the best ways to introduce new sounds and smells that a baby will bring along with ways to keep up on your pet's physical and mental enrichment during this exciting and busy time. In-home sessions involve teaching canine family members how to walk like a pro next to the stroller and to “go to bed” while you or your partner is in the nursing chair. Any other behavior concerns can also be addressed during in-home sessions!


This course is $100 for the initial consultation and $80 for each additional one-hour follow up session.

Payment plans are available!


Avian Behavior


Emily Holds The Leash

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