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How Socialization Training Improves Your Lifestyle With Your Dog

Socialization is an essential part of training for any dog. According to Pet365, individuals with three or more dogs are nearly twice as likely to attend socialization classes. The truth is that socialization matters whether you have one or multiple pets. Without engaging in such training, you and your canine companion may miss out on wonderful experiences. Find out why animal behavior training services that focus on socialization are so important by continuing below.

Allows Your Dog to Remain Comfortable Around Others

Socialization is the process of exposing your dog to novel people, animals, and places in a positive way. When we discuss socialization with our clients, we encourage them to intentionally expose their pup to different characteristics of each category. People in hats, wearing a uniform, different ages, etc are all examples of different characteristics to look for. Animals of different sizes, species, hair coats, etc are good examples of characteristics to look for in this category. When it comes to places, different sights, sounds, flooring textures, and scents are characteristics to look for when exposing your pup.

While all dogs experience a critical socialization window from 3 weeks of age to 16 weeks of age, socialization can be beneficial to dogs outside of this developmental period. The most important factor to keep in mind when socializing your dog is to not overwhelm them and to keep experiences positive. We don’t want to inadvertently teach them that the things we are exposing them to are scary, because that can cause behavior issues down the road.

Creates Opportunities to Travel With Your Dog

Many pet owners want to share as many experiences as they can with their furry friends. Traveling is most enjoyable for them if they can go on the trip with their pet. If you feel the same way, you should look into animal behavior training services that focus on socialization.

Pets who haven’t been socialized will struggle to get comfortable in new environments. They may spend more time barking or stressing out instead of enjoying their time with you. Hold off on that vacation until your pet has been sufficiently socialized.

Makes Important Appointments Easier to Finish

Lastly, you should sign your pet up for animal behavior training services because it helps with important appointments. Dogs with inadequate training may lunge at veterinarians or groomers approaching them. Due to the pet’s erratic behavior, even a simple appointment may take a long time. Finish their socialization training so those appointments become easier for you and your pup's service providers.

Training your pet involves more than teaching them tricks and basic manners; enrolling them in socialization training is in your family's best interest. Contact Homeward Bound Animal Behavior & Training today! We’re eager to meet your four-legged friend.

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