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Emily has been teaching group training classes since 2006. She has taught a variety of class sizes, but her preference has always been smaller classes. She is able to make a stronger connection with her students (human and canine), and can give more one-on-one attention to fit individual needs.

Investing time and money in classes is not about learning commands (sit, stay, down, etc); it's about giving the humans and dogs the tools they need to live in the real world. Our classes use real life themes and activities to facilitate learning. The focus is on human understanding, because that is what will set dogs up for the most long-term success. We will give you the tools to need to navigate these scenarios successfully!


Our goal is to work at you and your dog's level; not everyone will progress at the same pace. While it is human nature to compare you and your dog's progress to other classmates, this does not set up realistic expectations. Everyone learns at a different pace and factors like the dog's history and the human's training experience will play a role in how quickly progress is made. Each journey is unique, and we respect that. It is our priority to enrich the bond between the family and their dog. Training is one of the best ways to strengthen that bond!

We will be offering open enrollment classes in late 2020. If you are interested in signing up for classes, please email Emily at and you will get a first chance at registration! 

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