Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Emily has over ten years of looking after animals of almost any species! Her years working in a veterinary clinic have helped her become comfortable caring for pets of any age. Because she and her husband have adopted many senior pets over the years, she also is confident with administering medications and supporting animals with a variety of special needs and ailments. She is also willing to care for large animals like horses and other livestock as well as exotics. 

Carson has multiple years of experience working in a boarding facility at a vet clinic where she cared for animals of many different species and administered medications to special needs patients. She also has a background in livestock care.

Homeward Bound Animal Behavior & Training, LLC offers in-home pet sitting (where we stay at the client's home), dog walking, and drop in visits. Safety and retaining a consistent, predictable routine is of the utmost importance to us! Going out of town is stressful on any given day, so we make it our priority to ensure that your pet is not stressed as well. 

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Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services


Dog Walking

30-Minute Sniffari | $20

Additional Dogs to be Walked | $5 / each

Physical activity and mental stimulation are both vital to your dog’s overall well being. Studies show that 15 minutes of mental exercise is the equivalent of 60 minutes of physical exercise. We understand that every dog is an individual and we are happy to tailor your dog's walk to balance mental enrichment and physical exercise accordingly. If your dog loves more of a slow meander, we'll match them with a stroll that focuses more on mental enrichment provided by sniffing and exploring. If you have a dog that is a bundle of energy - not a problem, we can balance the mental enrichment with an energetic workout too! In order to give your dog our full and undivided attention, we never do pack walks (walking multiple dogs from different households at the same time).

Our standard 45-minute visit includes a 30-35 minute Sniff-ari adventure, with a focus on safety and fun! The remaining minutes are used to ensure that your dog is correctly leashed to your specifications, has time for a water break, and treats of your approval. In order to gain a thorough understanding of your dog's likes and dislikes, and to nurture a bond, your pet will be assigned one walker and you will receive a detailed account of each visit including pictures and fun updates!

Our dog walking service is available to clients located within a 10 mile radius of Sun Prairie.


Drop-In Visits

30-Minute Drop-In Visit | $15

Additional Pets That Require Care | $5 / each

Do you work long hours and can't get home to check on your pets on your break? Are you taking a day trip and need someone trustworthy to let the dog out? Look no more! Drop in visits are a perfect service to meet these needs!


We will come to the client's home for 30 minutes to check on the pet and let them outside to potty (if needed). Whatever needs to be done in that 30 minute period we are happy to do! Examples include feeding, watering, playing, making a stuffed Kong, or scooping the litter box. 

A short report will be texted or emailed to the client along with photos taken during the visit.

Our drop in visit service is available to clients located within a 10 mile radius of Sun Prairie.

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Pet Sitting

Single Dog or Cat Sitting | $45 / Night (Price will increase to $50/Night starting January 1st, 2022)

Each Additional Pet | $10 / Night

We will stay at the client's home for the duration of their trip. The client will provide the pet's daily schedule and routine so that it can be followed as closely as possible to help reduce the stress of the your absence. We will feed, water, medicate, play with, exercise, and do whatever else is necessary to care for the pet(s).

A daily report will be texted or emailed to the client along with photos/video taken during the visit.

Please contact us directly for livestock/exotics pricing.

Pet sitting, dog walking, and drop in visits all include a short report texted or emailed to the client when the visit is over along with pictures taken of the pet during the visit. In the case of pet sitting, daily reports and photos will be provided. 


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