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Program developed for puppies under 16 weeks of age.

Deposit required to secure a stay.


Why choose Board & Train? People choose this service for a variety of reasons. Going on vacation? This is a perfect opportunity for your furry friend to take a ‘vacation’ as well. Why not come home to a well-behaved, well-trained, and well-cared for pooch? With time constraints being what they are, we all struggle to work in all the rigors life demands. Having a professional working daily with your puppy, one on one, can ease the burden of time and provide peace of mind that your fur baby is thriving to full potential.

Traditional board & train facilities tend to board too many dogs at one time, which means YOUR puppy will spend a great deal of time in a kennel run waiting his or her turn for attention and training. The vast majority of these facilities use what is referred to as ‘Balanced Training’, which can incorporate both positive reinforcement, praise, training collars, and/or punishment/correction. Far too many still use a training collar (prong/shock/choke/bark, etc) to correct a dog and assume control. Boarding and training a dog is like sending a child to summer camp. Once your puppy is there, you won’t be able to supervise it every day, so it is important to do your research beforehand.

This is why Homeward Bound Animal Behavior & Training has decided to offer a positive alternative to traditional Board & Train.​

What makes us unique? 

Your puppy is boarded & trained in our home.

We board one puppy at a time (one client at a time), which provides your puppy exclusive one-on-one training & attention and very little time in a crate, unlike most other boarding facilities.

With Emily's extensive knowledge of science based animal training and animal learning, you can rest assured this is a service based on quality, expertise, dedication, and professionalism.

Your puppy stays in the trainer’s home and is treated as part of the family, which includes lots of affection, playtime with the trainer’s dogs, daily walks, and lots of physical and mental stimulation.

Your puppy will sleep in Emily's bedroom and will receive lots of small training sessions throughout each day. If your puppy is not used to a crate, Emily will conduct crate training exercises to build a positive association for your puppy.


All training is conducted in trainer’s home & yard, as well as on location to play dates with dogs that have well-developed social skills, busy streets, etc. Homeward Bound Animal Behavior & Training, LLC is a 100% Positive Reinforcement training business. We do NOT use nor allow any type of training collar (prong/shock/bark/e-collar, etc.), which is still the norm at most boarding and training facilities. Our only training tool is the clicker or marker word—which dogs love!

We use treats as reinforcement as this is the primary motivator for most dogs. Our training methods and techniques are scientifically proven through many decades of research and are 100% safe and humane. We stay up-to-date on the latest research, training, and education continuously.

Leaving your dog with Emily means being trained and cared for by a truly dedicated and educated professional who prioritizes the emotional well-being of every dog she works with! 


Sleep easy at night knowing your dog is in good hands!

How Board & Train Can Help


We Teach Basic Manners
Including sit, stay, down, come, touch, say please, mat training, leash manners, and more.

We Socialize Your Pup
We only offer board & train for puppies under 16-weeks-of-age is because they are still within their prime socialization period during that time. It is a crucial developmental stage for puppies where they need to be exposed to many different demographics of people, animals, and places. This is an integral part in building a well-rounded dog.

We Care about You and Your Dog

All services, including Board & Train, start with an initial 60-minute consult in your home or via Zoom. This introduction allows us to assess your puppy’s environment and behavior to determine if Board & Train is the best choice for you and your puppy. We work primarily with the training goals you have for your puppy but may recommend other services, or sometimes a combination, in order to best achieve a successful result. Also included in the consultation:

  • Recommendations for immediate relief with handout materials

  • A training plan outline with training instructions for 1-2 foundation skills

  • Instruction and demonstration in the clicker or marker word technique. 


Initial Training Consultation: $100*

Two-Week Training (14 nights): $2,500

This cost includes a video (approximately one to two hours long) detailing everything you need to know on how to continue your puppy's training success AND 1-3 follow-up sessions (one-hour each) either in-home or remote.

*If a board & train package contract is signed within one week of the initial training consultation, the cost of that consultation ($100) will be subtracted from the total cost of the Board & Train package. 

Terms & Conditions

This program is developed for puppies under 16 weeks of age. The Board & Train program is based on a first-come, first-served basis due to limited availability. A deposit (50% of the total price) is required to secure a stay. The remaining 50% of the total price is due at the commencement of your puppy's stay. 

All puppies must live in their new home for a minimum of seven days before the Board & Train program can begin. It is very important that puppies get established in their new home and form a bond with their family.

A travel fee may apply if you live outside of a 40-mile radius of Wyocena, Wisconsin. 


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